Plasma 5.20 beta announce

Xavier (Perso) xavier.besnard at
Mon Oct 5 14:07:14 BST 2020

Hello everybody,

I am a French translator for KDE since many years. At this time, I am 
working on the translation for the following files for KDE web pages:

  * kde-org-announcements-releases.po
  * www_www.po (with an important backlog)

I would like to propose a French page for the coming Plasma 5.20 
announcement, i.e. just adding a "French" link and web page to that kind 
of page

Because, Plasma 5.20 announcement is close, what are the conditions to 
achieve this objective?

Another question concerning  localized KDE webpages. In most KDE 
applications, there is a credit/thanks for developers but also for 

It isn't the case for webpages. So no feedback is possible to fix 
incorrect translations/layout and no thanks. Had this topic been already 
discussed and decided?

Thank you for your feedback. Have a nice day.


Le 10/09/2020 à 14:49, Jonathan Riddell a écrit :
> The beta announce is up now on kde-org repo for translations.  
> Publishing on Thursday.
> Jonathan
Xavier under Kubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Dev)

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