[Kde-hardware-devel] KSolidNotifier - the return of the hacks - or what to do for frameworks

Sune Vuorela nospam at vuorela.dk
Mon Dec 5 02:44:55 UTC 2011

Hi peoples

I'm hoping that one of you will pick up the following thing:

in knotify daemon, there is a class called KSolidNotifier. It is
basically code to reroute some notifications, if plasma is running,
reroute everything, if plasma isn't running, trim things and do a
galago-spec notification (usin KNotification)

This was, according to my irc logs from ancient times and a email with
De Simoi, because there at tthat time was the following alternatives:
1) put actually unrelated code into knotify
2) do yet another daemon
3) make solid depend on kdeui

and 1) was chosen at that time.

Now, I'm planning to kill the knotify daemon, since it nowadays mostly
just repacks dbus messages, and create a separate library to just write
the correct message the first time.

This means that the KSolidNotifer code needs a new home, due to it
either need to be in libsolid or alternatively, it needs to be a 'one
instance running' kind of thing.

I suggest one of the following (and hope that one of you will pick it up
from here):

1) a kded module
2) a solidd
3) fold it into solid, make solid depend on the notification library I
do. This will greatly simplyfy the code in KSolidNotifier
4) rethink the design of device notifications
5) something I haven't thought of.

So here, I throw the ball to you, and hope some of you will pick it up.


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