[Kde-hardware-devel] bluetooth in kde

Alex Fiestas alex at eyeos.org
Sun Sep 13 22:16:39 CEST 2009

On Sunday 13 September 2009 17:18:09 Andrey Batyiev wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I want to help in making bluetooth available under kde. I take a look over
> kbluetooth4, than solid's bluetooth interface and found that interface is
> incomplete and outdated. Is there anyone who works on it and who I can help
> with it?
> Thanks,
>    Andrey
Hi Andrey! is so good to see that somebody else is taking care of bluetooth !
I'm the current maintainer of solid/bluez and kbluetooth, I'm just starting 
with this job so is the perfect time to join! Since I'm the only one working 
on bluetooth, I did my own roadmap (discussed in kde-devel and irc), but of 
course if you join into the effort we can change it.

Right now this is what we thought:
KDE lacks any kind of bluetooth support, and it is extremely urgent to have 
something working and full featured as soon as possible, To fill this gap, the 
idea is improve kbluetooth: cleaning the current code, adding new features 
directly into it (like a2dp pairing, modems, etc) and get it into extragear or 
kde. Once we have this piece of software stable, we'll have to export the new 
features to solid/bluez backend (so we've to write the new features having it 
in mind), if we do this right, this should be almost a copy paste. (solid 
really rocks).

I'm unsure about work on kio_slave, the people really cares about have a 
kio_salve for bluetooth, so maybe we've to give to it more priority.

Highlight of the last movements:
-kbluetooth4 has been renamed to "kbluetooth". All other names such "KDE 
bluetooth framework", "kde-bluetooth", "kbluetooth4", "kde-bluez" have been 
-A new version is about to be released, this version is quite important 
because makes the current kbluetooth fully usable and stable, so we'll start 
to have something a bit more "serious". The changelog is in the svn.
-In my local repo (git), I have started to work on the 0.5 version, which is 
the one to be included in kde, so big code refactoring is happening there.


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