[Kde-hardware-devel] wireless and kde 4

Giovanni Venturi giovanni at ksniffer.org
Fri Jan 19 22:36:08 CET 2007

I've got two wifi cards and an Access Point. I configured WPA with 
wpa_supplicant and think I could help solid Project for the wireless network 
configuring. I don't know exectly what has be done or what has to be done for 
KDE 4 for the wireless network, if someone is coding on it, if there are 
plans and so on. I'd like to help. Can someone let me know if I could help 
Solid and if so in which way? I'm working on KDE but some years. I commited 
some patch/bug fix code to KOffice, KMail, Konqueror, but a very very very 
small work and last week I send an Amarok patch and some days ago I read 
about it on the dot :) (filter dialog). I'm working in my spare time on my 
KSniffer Project (www.ksniffer.org) hoping to relase as soon as a 0.2 
version. With this I'm not absolutely saying I'm a great code writer :) . At 
all. I have to learn a lots and than in the coding work every day everyone  
have to learn something new. I just let you know what I'm doing on KDE 
(coding) and I could be happy to do something I alway believed has a great 
lack in KDE: configuring a wireless network in an easy way. I'd like to give 
my 2 cents to the project If I'm able to do really something.
Let me know,
A KDE Italian translator and KSniffer core developer
Slackware GNU/Linux current version - kernel
KSniffer Website webmaster/sysadmin - http://www.ksniffer.org/
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