[Kde-hardware-devel] Format application and backend features

Jean-Rémy Falleri jr.falleri at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 01:38:06 CET 2006


As expected, I am going to start a thread on the new format
application. Since I have started the development of the GUI
(http://jr.falleri.free.fr/kformat/) and analysed a bit the previous
format application (KFloppy), I'll write here the expected features of
KFormat and also the underlying needs that have to be implemented
inside the Solid API.

KFormat is expected to be able to format any kind of supported devices
(floppy, usb stick, ...). The problem is that each medium kind does
not have the same way to be formatted so KFormat need a way to know
which type of format it is allowed to use with the selected device.

KFormat have to handle as many filesystems (ext2, fat, ...) as
possible, so a way to know which filesystems are actually available on
the user system is also needed.

To finish, KFormat needs support for formatting action inside the API,
and if possible, it would be nice to have some signals (format
started, format ended, error, progress) to have a good integration. A
method used to check medium integrity would be also helpful (can be
launched after format action to ensure that format behaved well).

It's all for the moment :). Of course if someone has other idea, it's
open to all suggestions, just let me know.

Jean-Rémy Falleri
jr.falleri at gmail.com

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