[kde-guidelines] Reviving work on KDE HIG

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at autistici.org
Thu Jan 26 10:45:57 UTC 2012

Hi HIG people,
I just read an - older - article about KDE usability problems on
datamation by Bruce Byfield
opia-3.html ) which concludes with a section "Looking for Balanced
Guidelines", wherein Bruce claims that "too loose a set of common
interface principles is preventing KDE from improving its users'
experience in quick and effective ways."
I'd say we should see this as a call to action to revive the HIG project
Since I will soon start working on HIGs for Plasma Active, this would be
the perfect time to expand the desktop HIGs as well so that both
Workspaces are equally well equipped with guidelines.
So, who would be willing to work on the HIGs again?

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