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[Frans Englich, Freitag, 29. Oktober 2004 04:09]
> > Fine with me.  There's probably only going to be a page or two at the
> > top, since all the real content is in the docs themselves.  However,
> > it is of course vital that things like the access keys and stylesheet
> > changing are available, and the PHP framework does provide this.
> Vanilla Docbook sets access keys(remember the discussion on
> kde-doc-english, where someone proposed a patch for adding access keys,
> while it became evident that it was the customization layer that
> overrode too much).

The accesskeys on html pages from the docbook sources are different from
those defined for kde.org. Is it possible to change the dokbook->html
confersion process to also generate all the accesskeys listed at
http://kde.org/media/accesskeys.php? Adding those to docs.kde.org and
later guidelines.kde.org would be really good for consistency reasons.

Whether there are other accessibility reasons to have a seperate
accessible verision depends a bit on how the "normal" html pages will be
coded. I can only answer this after seeing this. Is there an example of
the planned html code somewhere online?


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