[Kde-graphics-devel] Kruler, measurement in inches, Bug 36100

Eike Krumbacher eike.krumbacher at x-eike.de
Thu Apr 22 11:34:06 CEST 2010

Hi Mathias!

Mathias Soeken schrieb:
> sorry for answering late. I would like to take a look at your patch at the 
> weekend. Do you have an SVN account? If so, feel free to commit it, if it 
> doesnt break anything. It would be nice if it will fully cover the bug 36100, 
> so that it can marked as fixed

ATM, I have no SVN account.

The attached patch was more a quick hack to show, how this could be
done. I have to investigate some more hours, to get it work for rulers
of every size and direction, as the position of the label is not perfect.

I would like to do it, if someone says, that this is a technically good
solution or comes up with a better idea.


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