[Kde-graphics-devel] Looking for new maintainer for kpovmodeler

Andreas Zehender zehender at kde.org
Sat Jul 5 18:13:46 CEST 2008


as you may have noticed, there is no active development on kpovmodeler 
for a while now. kpovmodeler is a modeling and composition program for 
creating pov-ray scenes.

My spare time was hardly enough to make the porting to KDE 4, but that 
was successfully finished in time for the KDE 4.0 release. Now I'm 
looking for a skilled KDE developer with some knowledge in povray and 3D 
stuff, who will follow future KDE technology changes and keep 
kpovmodeler compilable and stable. The current state of the program is 
good, it compiles and runs without any problems against the latest KDE 
4.1 Beta 2.

I will still support you, but decisions and maintainership will be taken 
over by you. The homepage will still be hosted by me, but since 
www.kpovmodeler.org is a cms installation, you will be able to change 
contents, too.

kpovmodeler has a very clean and extendable framework, so you should be 
able to understand the program in short time. Some new features like 
scripting and animation support are partly prepared, so I'd be happy if 
those features could be finished.

If you are interested please contact This e-mail address is being 
protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it me with 
a short description of you person and your experience with KDE/Qt 


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