[Kde-graphics-devel] Anyone there? Does anyone have ideas toimplement KPDF like zooming in Konqueror?

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Wed Mar 2 18:39:02 CET 2005

Zack Rusin wrote:
> No, a lot would have to change to be able to do that.
Oh nooooow I see...
- ln -s'ed /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.4.3 3.4.3-20050110;
- installed opera (hey damn it's qquite good! even that kinda WFW3.11 
feeling is gone.. )
- had a look at it's zooming implementation => obviously just 
additionaly uses img tranformatrices in comparison to konqi
When I saw what it's doing I recognised the problem of my idea: page 
boundaries. You preferably want to have your browser display the full 
width of the page. Now if you show a scaled buffered rendered at 100% 
incarnation (like a PDF) - you obviously straight away have to scroll 
after zooming in. Didn't quite think of that...
Mhh. So it could be 2 (configurable! ;) ways then:
a) just like now + image scaling (and position grip, see #40277)
b) Document based rendering, with problems like page width and what Zack 
mentioned (input transform..)

> be a killer feature. It's a nice thing, sure, but nothing you couldn't 
No it's not. But is usre'd look cool to zoom into the page smoothly and 
back, like moving your had towards a piece of paper.. I thought KDE is 
all about eye-candy? :D

> live without.
NEVER! Alas it happens.
> And considering that it is something that would be very 
> hard to implement properly in khtml I don't think anyone will bother. 
I know get that..
Any magical solution someone can up with?

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