[Kde-graphics-devel] KImageIO

dirk.schoenberger at sz-online.de dirk.schoenberger at sz-online.de
Thu Jan 13 12:52:09 CET 2005

> ton of format handlers for MImage even tho it can natively utilize
> ImageMagick >:/ ImageMagick is useful, but I personally believe only as a
> fallback and if the slow external decoders aren't used. But that doesn't
> really apply to the ones that were listed ;-)

Doe there / should there exist some kind of Quality of Service meachnism?
Basically you should be able to install multiple QImageIO handler for a
given image type, with specification about its quality (internal, external
library , out of process), und it should be able to get the best handler
according to the installed handlers.


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