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Olivier BELLEUX o.g.m.belleux at
Sat Jul 29 16:40:44 UTC 2017

Hello to the whole team KDE-gardening,

I recently learned that Applications 17.12 would no longer contain kde4 applications; I think that is overall very good, except for Kppp.

Indeed Internet by DSL or fiber optic is far from being a reality everywhere (as well in certain French or European rural area  as in many countries), and a modem RTC (USRobotics 5637 for example), in this case the best or the only way to access the web. Of course there is often an access to the internet by cell phone but uncovered areas remain and sometimes the  roaming charges are too much expensives.

And then Kppp could be very useful to access help on the internet and "fix" its connection by DSl / Fiber!

Also I suggest you to give some more love to Kppp.

Thank you all for your tremendous commitment to this great project - Kde - which has changed my life for last 5 years.-- 
*Olivier BELLEUX[1] *
*Fingerprint: 8BB2 8E43 C0C8 C5CA C44E 117E 56B5 2F38 7C9C CC88*

[1] o.g.m.belleux at
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