Jump start

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Sun Aug 23 21:58:47 UTC 2015

Hey gardeners,

I feel a bit responsible that the last love project didn't really get
anywhere. I spent a bit of time looking into how api.kde.org and ebn
work, but didn't get even to where I'm able to recreate them here. It
seems they are a bit complex, but could probably be figured out with a
bit of time which I didn't spend this past while. Maybe I can in the
future some time.

Anyway, in irc today discussing with d_ed he had the idea of triaging
systemsettings bugs as a possible love project for gardening. I went
through the kcm-colors ones last week and responded to them or closed
the old ones with an explanation saying it seems to work now, reopen
if you still hit this and can provide more information. As d_ed said
in his akademy talk about plasma, systemsettings has a lot of old code
that is unmaintained and is possibly in a bad state. I bet we can
improve the situation there and may be able to find new maintainers in
the process. So here's my suggestion for the gardening objectives:

1. Triage all bugs in the systemsettings product (and maybe the kcm
product too? since there's overlap tbh).
2. If a bug is reproducible still, comment on it and find someone that
knows how to fix it and convince them to do so.
3. Find maintainers for as many of the kcms as we can.

What do you guys think?


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