[Bug 235857] how to fix size mismatch texinfo/6.5/htmlxref.cnf and texinfo.tex

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Tue Feb 19 10:19:06 GMT 2019


--- Comment #3 from Adriaan de Groot <adridg at freebsd.org> ---
As tobik@ points out, this is an old ports tree. Please update your tree, so
that you get this commit, which updated the file and updated distinfo for the
new file size.

r490179 | sunpoet | 2019-01-13 21:08:00 +0100 (Sun, 13 Jan 2019) | 9 lines

Update htmlxref.cnf and texinfo.tex

- Update htmlxref.cnf from 2016-07-11.22 to 2018-08-23.18

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