[Bug 235195] x11/plasma5-plasma: Windows and menus do not redraw after upgrade

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Sun Feb 3 03:25:47 GMT 2019


--- Comment #5 from Peter C B Henderson <peter.henderson at ieee.org> ---
Here is a description of more observed behaviour which has no dependency
non-KDE applications, except that applications have been automatically found
and inserted into the application menus.

I created a test account with no configuration files.  I then logged in from
sddm. Then I opened a Konsole window via Applications>System>Terminal.

One peculiar behaviour is the when I try to move a window into the bottom
right-hand corner, it seems to hit an obstacle and starts to reduce in size. 
Also, the redrawing stops working properly, so that there are partial redraws
of the window as I move it around, without erasures of previously drawn
fragments.  Everything returns to normal once I move the window away from the
forbidden region.

Note, there is no problem moving the window left-to-right or top-to-bottom,
provided the window doesn't encroach into the region near the bottom right-hand

It is difficult to determine the exact size of this forbidden region, but it
seems to be the same size as a small message window, there is nothing to
indicate there is anything there.

After closing and creating a number of Konsole windows, an instance appears
where only the title bar and frame is visible, the body of the window being
transparent.  At this point, kde menus become transparent, and hence unusable,
with only the shading of their frame visible.  I then have to kill the running
Kdeinit process manually from the console.  A message window, with its body
blacked out, appears on the kde desktop.  On closing this window, the desktop
session closes and the sddm welcome screen appears.  After which I can log in

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