[Bug 217082] math/rkward-kde4 0.6.5_2 crashes on i386

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Thu Nov 29 09:15:31 GMT 2018


--- Comment #7 from William Ouwehand <mail at wosc.nl> ---
Rkward starts, R console works OK, but it crashes after confirming certain menu
dialogs such as "summary statistics", reporting a "Trace/BPT trap (core

Note this could be a VM issue, as testing was done using Virtualbox (32bit
11.2-RELEASE), as my old laptop has been 'retired' (but can be fixed).

A minor issue are missing arrows in the add/remove boxes of the summary
statistics dialog (font issue?). 

# Tested 
- rkward 0.7.0.b_1 with R 3.5.1_1
- Vbox file: FreeBSD-11.2-RELEASE-i386.vhd - uname: (...) r335510 jun 22
- Virtualbox 5.2.22 (newest) on Windows 10Pro, v 1803
- X11 wm: tested default x + i3

# Setup
pkg install xorg rkward-kde
service dbus onestart
adduser (+ login as newuser)
rkward (in console)

Test console plotting in rkward: plot(rnorm(50,1))

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