[Bug 214691] net/qt4-network: OpenSSL 1.1 compatibility

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Thu Nov 29 09:00:10 GMT 2018


--- Comment #23 from Adriaan de Groot <adridg at freebsd.org> ---
jkim@, thank you for repeatedly chasing this. I have finally set up poudriere
sets to test this adequately across the five (six if you count "unset")
different builds for 11.2 (I'm not touching 12- at present, but trusting
reports in this PR ).

Runtime tests in an 11.2-R VM, based on starting up quiterss (Qt4 option) and
then updating the feed and clicking a few (https) links:

 - ssl=openssl OK
 - ssl=openssl111 OK
 - ssl=libressl builds, but doesn't seem to work (links are not followed,
neither http nor https)
 - ssl=libressldevel builds, but doesn't seem to work (links are not followed)
 - ssl=base OK
 - (unset, same as ssl=openssl)

I'm going to spend a little time on libressl to see if something is obviously
wrong, but mostly that's way outside the support envelope.

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