[Bug 229260] devel/qt5-core: fails (configure) when using LOCALBASE != /usr/local

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Sat Jun 23 21:33:53 UTC 2018


John Hein <z7dr6ut7gs at snkmail.com> changed:

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                 CC|                            |z7dr6ut7gs at snkmail.com

--- Comment #1 from John Hein <z7dr6ut7gs at snkmail.com> ---
I didn't mean to include 'pcre2' in the path in the patch in the previous

--- mkspecs/freebsd-clang/qmake.conf.orig   2018-06-19 23:00:56.000000000 -0600
+++ mkspecs/freebsd-clang/qmake.conf
@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@

 # Addon software goes into /usr/local on FreeBSD, by default we will look
-QMAKE_INCDIR_POST       = /usr/local/include
-QMAKE_LIBDIR_POST       = /usr/local/lib
+QMAKE_INCDIR_POST       = /opt/include
+QMAKE_LIBDIR_POST       = /opt/lib

 QMAKE_LFLAGS_NOUNDEF    = -Wl,--no-undefined

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