Fwd: Building math/octave with QT4?

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Wed Jun 20 08:50:10 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 19 June 2018 23:05:39 CEST Montgomery-Smith, Stephen wrote:
> Dear Gleb,
> I am the maintainer of the math/octave port.  The following error was
> reported to me, which seems to be related to the devel/qt5-core port.
> Do you think it is likely that this problem is fixed by r472242 and
> r472262 which you committed recently?  I'm still using qt5-core-5.9.4_2,
> and I am unable to reproduce the error.

I think I was the one who recommended switching octave to Qt5 (since kde@ 
would like Qt4 to go away, really). I don't actually know what octave does, 
but I'll spend some time with it today, since I'd rather debug Qt than, say, 
biology/seqan-apps on PowerPC.

> If you are unable to answer, I'll go ahead and rebuild my ports to see
> what is going on.  But my life is very busy right now, so I would rather
> wait until you give me an answer.
> Thanks, Stephen
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