[Bug 228770] upgrade of net/py-urllib3 breaks cmake.

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Sun Jun 10 04:00:56 UTC 2018


Kubilay Kocak <koobs at FreeBSD.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
         Resolution|Overcome By Events          |FIXED
           Keywords|                            |regression
           See Also|                            |https://github.com/requests
                   |                            |/requests/pull/4669
           Assignee|ports-bugs at FreeBSD.org      |antoine at FreeBSD.org

--- Comment #3 from Kubilay Kocak <koobs at FreeBSD.org> ---
Issues resolved by commits are (fixed) with committer -> Assignee

Root cause of this is requests pinning (capping) the urllib3 package to <1.23.

request and urllib3 should probably be updated in tandem for now, at least
until requests unpins (uncaps) urllib3.

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