[Bug 220896] deskutils/kdeconnect-kde-kf5 not working

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Wed Jun 6 03:03:04 UTC 2018


--- Comment #10 from Patrick <doctorwhoguy at gmail.com> ---
Correction. It does work on the desktop running 12-CURRENT. However, on the
12-CURRENT desktop I do not get a notification tray popup telling me a pairing
request has been sent when I send a request from my phone. However, if I open
the KDE Connect application on the desktop and click on my phone's listing, I
can accept the request. I do get the popup notification on my 11.2-RC1 netbook
when I send a pairing request from my phone. For some reason I do not get a
notification on my phone when I send a pairing request from either of my
FreeBSD computers. But that may have nothing to do with FreeBSD or the KDE
Connect application and may only be an issue with the Android app.

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