plasma5 and hal - how to handle it?

Holger Wagemann Holger.Wagemann at
Sun Jun 3 13:53:48 UTC 2018

Hello, dear kde-freebsd-team,

not a bug report but I need help:

Since using FreeBSD and kde4 - now plasma5 - I've not find out, how to 
configure hal for mounting and unmount externel devices with vfat and 
ntfs as normal user with device management of kde.

Searching "freebsd + hal + ntfs" or similar keywords brigs a lot of 
stuff but I cannot find anything, which helps me to configure my system 
for mountimng and unmounting ntfs and vfat formatted USB devices with 
device management of kde4 / plasma5.

These things work "out-of-the-box" in every GNU/Linux distribution since 
a lot of years, but appart from that: I've no problem with configuring 
stuff manually, but it is a little bit hard, because I can't find 
anything helpful documentation. And for desktop users the freebsd 
handbook only gives some rudimental hints.

And I guess, it is possible to configure it, because you offer it :-)

Please help.

Kind regards,


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