[Bug 219862] devel/cmake: Cmake 3.8.0 somehow is unaware about CXX17 dialect

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Fri Jun 9 22:48:05 UTC 2017


--- Comment #3 from groot at kde.org ---
What base system are you using? On 10.3, any of the versioned clangs I have --
clang++36, clang++37, clang++38 and clang++40 -- work. The unversioned clang,
/usr/bin/c++, does not. But clang 3.8 works for me (while it doesn't in the
OP), so I don't think it's the compiler version.

The clang site reports C++1z (i.e. C++17) support is available from 3.5
onwards. All use flag -std=c++1z.

Note that the cpp-multithreading repo builds fine with C++14.

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