[SVN Commit] branches/plasma5/QT/www/qt5-webengine

Raphael Kubo da Costa rakuco at FreeBSD.org
Sat Apr 22 16:06:51 UTC 2017

SVN commit 13932 by rakuco:

qtwebengine: Make `check-plist' finally pass.

In order for the Qt Designer plugin to be built and installed, we need to make
a few changes:
- Add `designer' to USE_QT5.
- Pass `norecursive' to USES=qmake. Configuring everything at once during `make
  configure' causes the check for webenginewidgets in src/plugins/plugins.pro
  fail, so let us run qmake incrementally during the build.
- With the `norecursive' change above, we also need to change what we pass to
  CONFIGURE_ENV and MAKE_ENV, now that gyp is run in do-build, not

 M  +10 -4     Makefile  

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