konqueror can not resolve 'localhost' when interface has no IP addr

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Wed Apr 19 18:16:12 UTC 2017

El día miércoles, abril 19, 2017 a las 03:22:06p. m. +0200, Tobias C. Berner escribió:

> Can you try to disable the 'Network Status' service of KDE? (probably:
> systemsettings->startup and shutdown->background services -- I can't
> remeber kde4 :D) and try again?

You remembered correctly. systemsettings->startup and shutdown->ServiceManager->[ ]NetworkStatus
Deactivated, rebooted (w/o Wifi), no change for konqueror.

Btw: As you say 'remeber kde4 :D)', a few questions:
- Is there any master-port in head to pull-in all required ports?
- Is there any guide how to bring it up as today with 'startx'?
- Is there any mailing-list to discuss problems? (this one here has,
  apart of your commit messages, nearly zero traffic - does it mean nobody
  uses KDE 4+x?)


	matthias (a happy KDE4 user)

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