[Bug 218187] devel/qt5-core, devel/qt5-qmake, devel/binutils: qt5 produces unusable library with binutils

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Wed Apr 19 04:08:09 UTC 2017


--- Comment #15 from milios at ccsys.com ---
just to clarify:

Mr. Monkeyspunk in comment #13, was reporting he'd experienced failure on qt4
builds when -no-use-gold-linker was added around line 122 as per comment #7
(affecting qt4 and qt5 builds)

However then in comment #14 Mr. Monkeyspunk has noticed that since comment #9
attachment 181488 is already not affecting qt4 builds anymore because it
instead adds -no-use-gold-linker to the line 146 region of bsd.qt.mk (which
puts it into an existing appropriate 'else' clause).

i have built many many qt4 and qt5 ports successfully today with this patch
applied and binutils-2.28,1 installed. now, what i have not verified in the
past 10 days is that the original problem still exists in ports/HEAD without
this patch applied (that the problem has not been fixed erstwhile elsehow)

if anyone is still experiencing this problem, we should commit this patch
(attachment 181488), i think.

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