[Bug 218187] devel/qt5-core, devel/qt5-qmake, devel/binutils: qt5 produces unusable library with binutils

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Fri Apr 14 16:36:26 UTC 2017


--- Comment #13 from freebsd at monkeyspunk.net ---
The -no-user-gold-linker modification to /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.qt.mk works for me
as long as I'm building qt5 related ports.  However if I build a qt4 port it
complains that "-no-user-gold-linker" is not a known option.  

I believe that this would need to be an option to configure based on the QT
version being built.  It possibly needs to be added to the .else section:

. if ${_QT_VERSION:M4*}
. else  
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=-nomake examples -nomake tests \
                                -no-use-gold-linker \

I found this running portmaster -af.  I'm testing now to see if the above
location works better.

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