[Bug 214528] x11/kf5-frameworks: Multiple conflicts

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--- Comment #6 from matthew at reztek.cz ---
I believe these two patches resolve the meaningful conflicts in terms of which
will be installed in tandem to support KF5 apps on a KDE4 desktop.

The conflict in oxygen-icons is unimportant, both provide the exact same set of
files, so the only issue is lack of a provides mechanism to allow either
installed port/pkg to satisfy dependencies.

The conflict in baloo is difficult to resolve because the conflicting filename
is hard-coded in multiple places. Since nothing other than PIM needs baloo to
function, and it is not expected to have kdepim4 and kdepim5 co-installable,
the baloo conflict should not matter as only one baloo is ever needed.

The conflict in kf5-kfilemetadta is only in optional NLS stuff which I never
use, so that remains if anyone else would like to keep some non-English.

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