[Bug 199601] devel/boost-all: Upgrade to 1.62

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Wed Nov 16 10:17:47 UTC 2016


--- Comment #130 from Roger Leigh <rleigh at codelibre.net> ---
Hi folks.  Given the amount of time and effort required to coordinate a boost
upgrade, due to the logistics of getting all the dependent packages updated in
lockstep, is it worth considering splitting up the packaging of libraries into
separate "runtime" and "development" parts which can be installed
independently?  This would permit boost to be upgraded immediately while the
dependent packages can catch up over time, and would make it possible to
transition much more smoothly.  Maybe something to consider for all library

This is from someone who packaged shared libraries in Debian for years, where
such transitions were routine, so I may have a different perspective on this
due to my lack of familiarity with the history of the ports system.  Its
separation of "library" and "dev" packages allows multiple library versions to
be installed concurrently, and one development package.  (Boost itself allows
multiple header versions to be installed, if you follow the upstream defaults,
though it's not too user-friendly on Unix).  Is this something which pkg-ng
could manage (one source package producing multiple binary packages)?


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