[Bug 214528] x11/kf5-frameworks: Multiple conflicts

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Tue Nov 15 20:06:34 UTC 2016


--- Comment #3 from Tobias C. Berner <tcberner at freebsd.org> ---
I cannot give you a time estimate on when we will get plasma5 into the ports
tree -- as we need for example the wayland port [1] for the screenlocker [2],
which has not yet been pushed into ports.

Howewer, KDE Plasma-5.8.3 and Applications-16.08.3 can be tested from the
testing repo [3].

mfg Tobias

[1] https://github.com/freebsd/freebsd-ports-graphics/tree/wayland/x11
[3] http://area51.pcbsd.org/branches/plasma5

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