[SVN Commit] branches/plasma5/KDE

Tobias Berner tcberner at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 14:18:13 UTC 2016

SVN commit 13245 by tcberner:

Revert deletion of -kf5 applications. No idea how this happened in 13243.

 AM            audio/libkcddb-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            audio/libkcddb-kf5/libkcddb-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            databases/akonadi-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            deskutils/grantleetheme-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            deskutils/kdepim-addons-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            deskutils/kdepim-apps-libs-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            deskutils/kdepim-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            deskutils/kdepim-runtime-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            deskutils/libkdepim-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/akonadi-calendar-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/akonadi-contacts-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/akonadi-mime-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/akonadi-notes-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/akonadi-search-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/calendarsupport-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/eventviews-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/gpgmepp-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/incidenceeditor-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kalarmcal-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kblog-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kcalcore-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kcalutils-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kcontacts-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kdgantt2-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kholidays-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kidentitymanagement-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kimap-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kldap-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kmailtransport-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kmbox-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kmime-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kontactinterface-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/kpimtextedit-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/ktnef-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/libgravatar-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/libksieve-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/mailcommon-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/mailimporter-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/messagelib-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/pimcommon-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            net/syndication-kf5 (directory)  
 AM            security/libkleo-kf5 (directory)  
 A             svn:mergeinfo  

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