[SVN Commit] area51/KDE

Tobias Berner tcberner at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 16:58:23 UTC 2016

SVN commit 13229 by tcberner:

Let's move the bike into the nicely coloured shed, and call it a day.

            | SHED |
   __o      |      |
 _`\<,_     |      |
(_)/ (_)    |      |

Move all [1] ports that have `PORTVERSION=${KDE4_VERSION}` to from `foo`
to `kde4-foo` (respective are part of KDE SC 4).
Ports that were named `bar-kde4` already are renamed to `kde4-bar`.
Ports that were names `bar4` dropped the `4` unless it's part of their distname.

It's possible that I missed something or wasn't quite thourough in applying the
rule [2]. I will correct these as they crop up. So expect some minor reordering.

*locks the shed and throws away the key*

[1] Yes, this is a huge pain in the butt. But it has to be done, to make the it
    possible to install the old kde4 applications once applications 16+ lands.
    And if we do it let's at least do it by introducing some logic into the port
[2] The rule for naming ports:
  a) if the port 'bar' is part of a bundled-release 'bundle' of distfiles by KDE
     its port is named 'bundle-bar'.
     * Bundles (left upstream release, right 'bundle'-prefix) are:
        * kde sc 4 => kde4-
        * frameworks => kf5-
        * plasma => plasma5-
     * Examples:
         * graphics/kde4-gwenview
         * x11/kf5-kded
         * x11/plasma5-plasma-desktop
  b) if the port 'bar' is not part of a upstream bundled-release but links
     against a specific 'bundle' (kdelibs vs frameworks) it's named
     * Bundles (left upstream release, right 'bundle'-suffix) are:
        * kde4 => -kde4
        * frameworks => -kf5
     * Examples:
        * graphics/digikam-kde4
        * devel/kdevelop-kf5
  c) Ports from the 'applications' bundle (current application releases) will
     be suffixed as in b). This will ensure that we do not get the same shuffle
     in a few years, once "KDE Frameworks now newer and better [with json]" is
     released (this will be a second commit in branches/plasma5 in the next
     * Bundles (left upstream release, right 'bundle'-suffix) are:
        * kde4 => -kde4
        * frameworks => -kf5
     * Examples:
        * graphics/gwenview-kf5
        * x11/konsole-kf5

 M  +45 -60    Mk/Uses/kde.mk  
 D             accessibility/jovie (directory)  
 D             accessibility/kaccessible (directory)  
 A             accessibility/kde4-jovie (directory)  
 A             accessibility/kde4-kaccessible (directory)  
 A             accessibility/kde4-kdeaccessibility (directory)  
 M  +6 -5      accessibility/kde4-kdeaccessibility/Makefile  
 A             accessibility/kde4-kmag (directory)  
 A             accessibility/kde4-kmousetool (directory)  
 A             accessibility/kde4-kmouth (directory)  
 D             accessibility/kdeaccessibility4 (directory)  
 D             accessibility/kmag (directory)  
 D             accessibility/kmousetool (directory)  
 D             accessibility/kmouth (directory)  
 D             archivers/ark (directory)  
 A             archivers/kde4-ark (directory)  
 A             astro/kde4-kstars (directory)  
 A             astro/kde4-marble (directory)  
 D             astro/kstars (directory)  
 D             astro/marble (directory)  
 D             audio/juk (directory)  
 A             audio/kde4-juk (directory)  
 A             audio/kde4-kio-audiocd (directory)  
 A             audio/kde4-kmix (directory)  
 A             audio/kde4-kscd (directory)  
 A             audio/kde4-libkcddb (directory)  
 A             audio/kde4-libkcompactdisc (directory)  
 D             audio/kio-audiocd (directory)  
 D             audio/kmix (directory)  
 D             audio/kscd (directory)  
 D             audio/libkcddb (directory)  
 D             audio/libkcompactdisc (directory)  
 A             comms/kde4-kremotecontrol (directory)  
 D             comms/kremotecontrol (directory)  
 D             deskutils/kcharselect (directory)  
 A             deskutils/kde4-kcharselect (directory)  
 A             deskutils/kde4-kdepim (directory)  
 A             deskutils/kde4-kdepim-runtime (directory)  
 M  +1 -0      deskutils/kde4-kdepim-runtime/Makefile  
 M  +2 -1      deskutils/kde4-kdepim/Makefile  
 A             deskutils/kde4-kdepimlibs (directory)  
 M  +1 -0      deskutils/kde4-kdepimlibs/Makefile  
 A             deskutils/kde4-kdeplasma-addons (directory)  
 A             deskutils/kde4-kruler (directory)  
 A             deskutils/kde4-superkaramba (directory)  
 D             deskutils/kdepim4 (directory)  
 D             deskutils/kdepim4-runtime (directory)  
 D             deskutils/kdepimlibs4 (directory)  
 D             deskutils/kdeplasma-addons (directory)  
 D             deskutils/kruler (directory)  
 D             deskutils/superkaramba (directory)  
 D             devel/cervisia (directory)  
 D             devel/dolphin-plugins (directory)  
 D             devel/kapptemplate (directory)  
 D             devel/kcachegrind (directory)  
 D             devel/kde-dev-scripts (directory)  
 D             devel/kde-dev-utils (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-cervisia (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-dolphin-plugins (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-kapptemplate (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-kcachegrind (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-kde-dev-scripts (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-kde-dev-utils (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-kdebindings (directory)  
 M  +3 -2      devel/kde4-kdebindings/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-kdesdk (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-kdesdk-kioslaves (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-kdesdk-strigi-analyzers (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-kdesdk-thumbnailers (directory)  
 M  +16 -15    devel/kde4-kdesdk/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-lokalize (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-okteta (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-p5-perlkde (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      devel/kde4-p5-perlkde/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-p5-perlqt (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      devel/kde4-p5-perlqt/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-poxml (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-py-krosspython (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      devel/kde4-py-krosspython/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-py-pykde4 (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      devel/kde4-py-pykde4/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-py-pykdeuic4 (directory)  
 M  +2 -2      devel/kde4-py-pykdeuic4/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-ruby-korundum (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      devel/kde4-ruby-korundum/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-ruby-krossruby (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      devel/kde4-ruby-krossruby/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-ruby-qtruby (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      devel/kde4-ruby-qtruby/Makefile  
 A             devel/kde4-smokegen (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-smokekde (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-smokeqt (directory)  
 A             devel/kde4-umbrello (directory)  
 D             devel/kdebindings4 (directory)  
 D             devel/kdesdk4 (directory)  
 D             devel/kdesdk4-kioslaves (directory)  
 D             devel/kdesdk4-strigi-analyzers (directory)  
 D             devel/kdesdk4-thumbnailers (directory)  
 D             devel/lokalize (directory)  
 D             devel/okteta (directory)  
 D             devel/p5-perlkde (directory)  
 D             devel/p5-perlqt (directory)  
 D             devel/poxml (directory)  
 D             devel/py-krosspython (directory)  
 D             devel/py-pykde4 (directory)  
 D             devel/py-pykdeuic4 (directory)  
 D             devel/ruby-korundum (directory)  
 D             devel/ruby-krossruby (directory)  
 D             devel/ruby-qtruby (directory)  
 D             devel/smokegen (directory)  
 D             devel/smokekde (directory)  
 D             devel/smokeqt (directory)  
 D             devel/umbrello (directory)  
 D             editors/kate (directory)  
 D             editors/kate-plugin-pate (directory)  
 A             editors/kde4-kate (directory)  
 A             editors/kde4-kate-plugin-pate (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      editors/kde4-kate-plugin-pate/Makefile  
 D             games/blinken (directory)  
 D             games/bomber (directory)  
 D             games/bovo (directory)  
 D             games/granatier (directory)  
 D             games/kajongg (directory)  
 D             games/kanagram (directory)  
 D             games/kapman (directory)  
 D             games/katomic (directory)  
 D             games/kblackbox (directory)  
 D             games/kblocks (directory)  
 D             games/kbounce (directory)  
 D             games/kbreakout (directory)  
 A             games/kde4-blinken (directory)  
 A             games/kde4-bomber (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-bomber/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-bovo (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-bovo/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-granatier (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-granatier/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kajongg (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kajongg/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kanagram (directory)  
 A             games/kde4-kapman (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kapman/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-katomic (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-katomic/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kblackbox (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kblackbox/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kblocks (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kblocks/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kbounce (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kbounce/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kbreakout (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kbreakout/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kdegames (directory)  
 M  +2 -1      games/kde4-kdegames/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kdiamond (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kdiamond/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kfourinline (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kfourinline/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kgoldrunner (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kgoldrunner/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-khangman (directory)  
 A             games/kde4-kigo (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kigo/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-killbots (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-killbots/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kiriki (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kiriki/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kjumpingcube (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kjumpingcube/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-klickety (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-klickety/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-klines (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-klines/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kmahjongg (directory)  
 M  +2 -2      games/kde4-kmahjongg/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kmines (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kmines/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-knavalbattle (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-knavalbattle/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-knetwalk (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-knetwalk/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kolf (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kolf/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kollision (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kollision/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-konquest (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-konquest/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kpat (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kpat/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kreversi (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kreversi/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kshisen (directory)  
 M  +2 -2      games/kde4-kshisen/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-ksirk (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-ksirk/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-ksnakeduel (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-ksnakeduel/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kspaceduel (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kspaceduel/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-ksquares (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-ksquares/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-ksudoku (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-ksudoku/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-ktuberling (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-ktuberling/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-kubrick (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-kubrick/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-libkdegames (directory)  
 A             games/kde4-libkmahjongg (directory)  
 A             games/kde4-lskat (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-lskat/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-pairs (directory)  
 A             games/kde4-palapeli (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-palapeli/Makefile  
 A             games/kde4-picmi (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      games/kde4-picmi/Makefile  
 D             games/kdegames4 (directory)  
 D             games/kdiamond (directory)  
 D             games/kfourinline (directory)  
 D             games/kgoldrunner (directory)  
 D             games/khangman (directory)  
 D             games/kigo (directory)  
 D             games/killbots (directory)  
 D             games/kiriki (directory)  
 D             games/kjumpingcube (directory)  
 D             games/klickety (directory)  
 D             games/klines (directory)  
 D             games/kmahjongg (directory)  
 D             games/kmines (directory)  
 D             games/knavalbattle (directory)  
 D             games/knetwalk (directory)  
 D             games/kolf (directory)  
 D             games/kollision (directory)  
 D             games/konquest (directory)  
 D             games/kpat (directory)  
 D             games/kreversi (directory)  
 D             games/kshisen (directory)  
 D             games/ksirk (directory)  
 D             games/ksnakeduel (directory)  
 D             games/kspaceduel (directory)  
 D             games/ksquares (directory)  
 D             games/ksudoku (directory)  
 D             games/ktuberling (directory)  
 D             games/kubrick (directory)  
 D             games/libkdegames (directory)  
 D             games/libkmahjongg (directory)  
 D             games/lskat (directory)  
 D             games/pairs (directory)  
 D             games/palapeli (directory)  
 D             games/picmi (directory)  
 D             graphics/gwenview-kde4 (directory)  
 D             graphics/kamera-kde4 (directory)  
 D             graphics/kcolorchooser (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-gwenview (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-kamera (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-kcolorchooser (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-kdegraphics (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-kdegraphics-mobipocket (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-kdegraphics-svgpart (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      graphics/kde4-kdegraphics-svgpart/Makefile  
 A             graphics/kde4-kdegraphics-thumbnailers (directory)  
 M  +13 -12    graphics/kde4-kdegraphics/Makefile  
 A             graphics/kde4-kolourpaint (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-kqtquickcharts (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-ksaneplugin (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-ksnapshot (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-libkdcraw (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-libkexiv2 (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-libkipi (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-libksane (directory)  
 A             graphics/kde4-okular (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      graphics/kde4-okular/Makefile  
 D             graphics/kdegraphics4 (directory)  
 D             graphics/kdegraphics4-mobipocket (directory)  
 D             graphics/kdegraphics4-strigi-analyzer (directory)  
 D             graphics/kdegraphics4-svgpart (directory)  
 D             graphics/kdegraphics4-thumbnailers (directory)  
 D             graphics/kolourpaint (directory)  
 D             graphics/kqtquickcharts (directory)  
 D             graphics/ksaneplugin (directory)  
 D             graphics/ksnapshot (directory)  
 D             graphics/libkdcraw-kde4 (directory)  
 D             graphics/libkexiv2-kde4 (directory)  
 D             graphics/libkipi-kde4 (directory)  
 D             graphics/libksane (directory)  
 D             graphics/okular (directory)  
 A             japanese/kde4-kiten (directory)  
 M  +1 -0      japanese/kde4-kiten/Makefile  
 D             japanese/kiten (directory)  
 A             lang/kde4-kturtle (directory)  
 D             lang/kturtle (directory)  
 D             math/analitza (directory)  
 D             math/cantor (directory)  
 D             math/kalgebra (directory)  
 D             math/kbruch (directory)  
 D             math/kcalc (directory)  
 A             math/kde4-analitza (directory)  
 A             math/kde4-cantor (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      math/kde4-cantor/Makefile  
 A             math/kde4-kalgebra (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      math/kde4-kalgebra/Makefile  
 A             math/kde4-kbruch (directory)  
 A             math/kde4-kcalc (directory)  
 A             math/kde4-kig (directory)  
 A             math/kde4-kmplot (directory)  
 A             math/kde4-rocs (directory)  
 D             math/kig (directory)  
 D             math/kmplot (directory)  
 D             math/rocs (directory)  
 D             misc/artikulate (directory)  
 A             misc/kde4-artikulate (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      misc/kde4-artikulate/Makefile  
 A             misc/kde4-kdeedu (directory)  
 M  +22 -21    misc/kde4-kdeedu/Makefile  
 A             misc/kde4-kdeutils (directory)  
 M  +13 -12    misc/kde4-kdeutils/Makefile  
 A             misc/kde4-kgeography (directory)  
 A             misc/kde4-klettres (directory)  
 A             misc/kde4-ktouch (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      misc/kde4-ktouch/Makefile  
 A             misc/kde4-kwordquiz (directory)  
 M  +1 -0      misc/kde4-l10n/Makefile  
 A             misc/kde4-libkdeedu (directory)  
 A             misc/kde4-parley (directory)  
 D             misc/kdeedu4 (directory)  
 D             misc/kdeutils4 (directory)  
 D             misc/kgeography (directory)  
 D             misc/klettres (directory)  
 D             misc/ktouch (directory)  
 D             misc/kwordquiz (directory)  
 D             misc/libkdeedu (directory)  
 D             misc/parley (directory)  
 D             multimedia/dragon (directory)  
 A             multimedia/kde4-dragon (directory)  
 A             multimedia/kde4-kdemultimedia (directory)  
 A             multimedia/kde4-kdemultimedia-ffmpegthumbs (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      multimedia/kde4-kdemultimedia-ffmpegthumbs/Makefile  
 A             multimedia/kde4-kdemultimedia-mplayerthumbs (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      multimedia/kde4-kdemultimedia-mplayerthumbs/Makefile  
 M  +8 -7      multimedia/kde4-kdemultimedia/Makefile  
 D             multimedia/kdemultimedia4 (directory)  
 D             multimedia/kdemultimedia4-ffmpegthumbs (directory)  
 D             multimedia/kdemultimedia4-mplayerthumbs (directory)  
 A             net-im/kde4-kopete (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      net-im/kde4-kopete/Makefile  
 D             net-im/kopete-kde4 (directory)  
 A             net/kde4-kdenetwork (directory)  
 A             net/kde4-kdenetwork-filesharing (directory)  
 A             net/kde4-kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers (directory)  
 M  +8 -7      net/kde4-kdenetwork/Makefile  
 A             net/kde4-kget (directory)  
 A             net/kde4-krdc (directory)  
 A             net/kde4-krfb (directory)  
 A             net/kde4-zeroconf-ioslave (directory)  
 D             net/kdenetwork4 (directory)  
 D             net/kdenetwork4-filesharing (directory)  
 D             net/kdenetwork4-strigi-analyzers (directory)  
 D             net/kget (directory)  
 D             net/krdc (directory)  
 D             net/krfb (directory)  
 D             net/zeroconf-ioslave (directory)  
 D             science/kalzium (directory)  
 A             science/kde4-kalzium (directory)  
 A             science/kde4-step (directory)  
 D             science/step (directory)  
 A             security/kde4-kgpg (directory)  
 A             security/kde4-kwalletmanager (directory)  
 A             security/kde4-pam_kde (directory)  
 M  +1 -0      security/kde4-pam_kde/Makefile  
 D             security/kgpg-kde4 (directory)  
 D             security/kwalletmanager (directory)  
 D             security/pam_kde (directory)  
 D             sysutils/baloo (directory)  
 D             sysutils/baloo-widgets (directory)  
 D             sysutils/filelight-kde4 (directory)  
 D             sysutils/kcron (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-baloo (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-baloo-widgets (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-filelight (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-kcron (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-kdeadmin (directory)  
 M  +4 -3      sysutils/kde4-kdeadmin/Makefile  
 A             sysutils/kde4-kdf (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-kfilemetadata (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      sysutils/kde4-kfilemetadata/Makefile  
 A             sysutils/kde4-kfloppy (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-ksysguardd (directory)  
 M  +1 -0      sysutils/kde4-ksysguardd/Makefile  
 A             sysutils/kde4-ksystemlog (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-kuser (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-nepomuk-core (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      sysutils/kde4-nepomuk-core/Makefile  
 A             sysutils/kde4-nepomuk-widgets (directory)  
 A             sysutils/kde4-sweeper (directory)  
 D             sysutils/kdeadmin4 (directory)  
 D             sysutils/kdf (directory)  
 D             sysutils/kfilemetadata (directory)  
 D             sysutils/kfloppy (directory)  
 D             sysutils/ksysguardd (directory)  
 D             sysutils/ksystemlog (directory)  
 D             sysutils/kuser (directory)  
 D             sysutils/nepomuk-core (directory)  
 D             sysutils/nepomuk-widgets (directory)  
 D             sysutils/sweeper (directory)  
 A             textproc/kde4-kompare (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      textproc/kde4-kompare/Makefile  
 A             textproc/kde4-libkomparediff2 (directory)  
 D             textproc/kompare (directory)  
 D             textproc/libkomparediff2 (directory)  
 A             www/kde4-kdewebdev (directory)  
 D             www/kdewebdev4 (directory)  
 D             x11-clocks/amor (directory)  
 A             x11-clocks/kde4-amor (directory)  
 A             x11-clocks/kde4-kdetoys (directory)  
 M  +4 -3      x11-clocks/kde4-kdetoys/Makefile  
 A             x11-clocks/kde4-kteatime (directory)  
 A             x11-clocks/kde4-ktimer (directory)  
 A             x11-clocks/kde4-ktux (directory)  
 D             x11-clocks/kdetoys4 (directory)  
 D             x11-clocks/kteatime (directory)  
 D             x11-clocks/ktimer (directory)  
 D             x11-clocks/ktux (directory)  
 A             x11-themes/kde4-kdeartwork (directory)  
 D             x11-themes/kdeartwork4 (directory)  
 D             x11/kactivities (directory)  
 D             x11/kactivitymanagerd (directory)  
 M  +1 -1      x11/kde4-baseapps/Makefile  
 A             x11/kde4-kactivities (directory)  
 M  +1 -0      x11/kde4-kactivities/Makefile  
 A             x11/kde4-kactivitymanagerd (directory)  
 M  +2 -1      x11/kde4-kactivitymanagerd/Makefile  
 A             x11/kde4-kgamma (directory)  
 A             x11/kde4-konsole (directory)  
 A             x11/kde4-libkonq (directory)  
 A             x11/kde4-plasma-scriptengine-python (directory)  
 A             x11/kde4-plasma-scriptengine-ruby (directory)  
 M  +7 -6      x11/kde4-workspace/Makefile  
 M  +16 -16    x11/kde4/Makefile  
 A             x11/kdelibs (directory)  
 D             x11/kdelibs4 (directory)  
 D             x11/kgamma (directory)  
 D             x11/konsole (directory)  
 D             x11/libkonq (directory)  
 D             x11/plasma-scriptengine-python (directory)  
 D             x11/plasma-scriptengine-ruby (directory)  

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