[kde-freebsd] qbs and qtcreator splitting

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Tue Mar 29 19:25:59 UTC 2016


I've made an updated qtcreator port with a split off of qbs (qt build suite). 
The QBS is shipped standalone by Qt but is also (as a copy of the latest 
version) part of the qt creator sources. As QBS is intended as a make 
replacement (and a qmake replacement), projects are using it to build their 
sources. So it makes sense to split QBS off from Qtcreator into its own port 
(as Linux distros already have done) and use them for ports that depend on 
qbs. The improvement would be the speed increase for poudriere builds as qbs 
is fastly build whereas only having it through qtcreator would require 
dependencies for the build system to build qtcreator first.

What I haven't done so far is adding a qbs section to bsd.qt.mk similar to 
qmake. If that's done, it needs to be added to qtcreator as a build-dependency 
so the qbs plugin gets built. Also I'm unsure if I did the CONFLICTS_INSTALL 
right in the qbs port.





Kind regards,

Ralf Nolden

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