[kde-freebsd] Qt documentation generation 2nd try

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Mon Mar 21 10:27:02 UTC 2016


after the last try which had the disadvantage that the examples were missing 
and overall the shipping of the docs with their binary ports enlarges them 
quite a lot, I tried something different now and would like to have you a look 
if that would do it now (which I think it does :)

The idea is to generate the docs and examples module by module in separate 
ports for each source package, so starting point would be qtbase:




Finally, the qtdoc source is build at the end (we need the other ports as 
dependencies so the links are generated correctly, for now build it at last)


Then you have the examples and the docs show up in qtcreator.

Splitting up the docs and examples from qtbase to core, gui, qmake etc doesn't 
make much sense given they are intertwined with each other and would produce a 
whole bunch of ports without any additional value. Splitting the docs by 
source package though has the advantage that we can add them one by one and 
keep track of them as soon as each source package is changed during version 
upgrades a lot easier than a huge big doc port, so that would make sense there 

I would add the other ports one by one later if this proof of concept is OK 
and can be taken over into area51 for some testing.

Kind regards,

Ralf Nolden

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