[kde-freebsd] CMake update was: [SVN Commit] area51/PORTS/devel

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Tue Mar 15 21:08:21 UTC 2016

On Tuesday 15 March 2016 07:09:14 Raphael Kubo da Costa wrote:
> SVN commit 12106 by rakuco:
> Update CMake to 3.5.0.

This got me thinking a little about some CMake modules that aren't in the 
actual cmake distribution, that are used quite a lot, and that we end up 
patching -- in various ways -- across all kinds of ports:

 - gstreamer, for instance

Does KF5-ECM fix this up? It might be strange to make semi-random ports depend 
on ECM to get proper gstreamer detection.

Or could we make a cmake-freebsd port that drops in "done right" 
FindGStreamer.cmake and similar modules, to simplify other ports?


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