[kde-freebsd] [Bug 199601] devel/boost-all: Upgrade to 1.58, 1.59, or 1.60

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Mon Mar 14 16:36:19 UTC 2016


--- Comment #77 from Raphael Kubo da Costa <rakuco at FreeBSD.org> ---
Do you have a link where I can see the full errors you're getting?

It's not clear to me why you're going for __GLIBCX__: detecting libstdc++'s
version is a royal pain in the ass and IIRC the __GLIBCXX__ macro was not very
precise in determining which version it corresponds to.

You might want to take a look at what we do in Qt4
(devel/qt4/files/extrapatch-src-corelib-global-qglobal.h) and Qt5
  * In Qt4 we only enable support for initializer lists (which must be
supported by both the compiler and the standard library) with clang if and only
if it's being used with libc++, under the assumption that clang and libstdc++
generally means it's FreeBSD 9 with clang and base libstdc++. We verify that by
including a header that does nothing (ciso646) and then checking if that
indirectly defined _LIBCPP_VERSION.
  * In Qt5 we do pretty much the same thing, but extend the check for other
features that are probably used by boost too.

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