[kde-freebsd] [Bug 207600] databases/akonadi: fix build with boost 1.60 on 9.x

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--- Comment #1 from Raphael Kubo da Costa <rakuco at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Dmitry Marakasov from comment #0)
> Another solution would be
> to switch akonadi to USES=compiler:c++11-lib (which may be more desirable,
> as building c++ libraries with clang while most ports are built with gcc may
> lead to ABI compatibility issues, and c++11-lib will use gcc to build), but
> it will also require additional testing.
I'm not aware of ABI compatibility issues between clang/libstdc++ and
GCC/libstdc++, the problem's when libc++ is used instead of libstdc++, or a
different libstdc++ version is used.

Using USES=compiler:c++11-lib would cause the latter: Qt4 is built with base
GCC and base libstdc++, with akonadi using lang/gcc and it's libstdc++, which
is much more likely to either fail to link or cause runtime crashes than what
we do now.

If the problem in boost is that it assumes that a compiler that understands
C++11 is also a compiler that has a C++11-compatible standard library, wouldn't
it be possible to do what we do with Qt itself and make the checks more
granular (e.g. if clang is used with libstdc++, assume std::forward and other
C++11 features that depend on the standard library are not present)?

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