[kde-freebsd] No opengl desktop effects after xorg-server update

Bengt Ahlgren bengta at sics.se
Thu Oct 22 08:54:48 UTC 2015

Ralf Nolden <nolden at kde.org> writes:

> Am Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2015, 23:53:25 schrieb Bengt Ahlgren:
>> Bengt Ahlgren <bengta at sics.se> writes:
>> > After the xorg-server update to 1.17, KDE is not able to make use of
>> > opengl for desktop effects.  Only xrender works.
>> > 
>> > The system is running 9.3-RELEASE-pX, using the nvidia proprietary
>> > driver, with my own poudriere-compiled packages.
>> > 
>> > Any ideas?  KDE issue or xorg issue?
>> This turned out to be due to that Xorg 1.17 per default disables
>> indirect glx, while earlier versions didn't.  Kwin apparently didn't
>> properly detect direct opengl with the nvidia driver, and silently fell
>> back to indirect glx.  Setting KWIN_DIRECT_GL=1 in the environment fixed
>> the issue!
> HI,
> that means you didn't recompile xorg and setting the environment uses the 
> NVIDIA driver ?

Right, I did not recompile - xorg-server (and nvidia-driver) were
compiled with default settings.  KWIN_DIRECT_GL is a runtime knob.

> Maybe someone with access to the website could add a small HOWTO on this issue 
> :)

The issue isn't present with the intel driver, so it might be nvidia
only.  Previously, with nvidia driver and xorg-server 1.14, I always got
a core file from kwin_opengl_test in my home directory.  With
KWIN_DIRECT_GL set in the env, this does not happen.


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