[kde-freebsd] [SVN Commit] area51/QT/devel

Alonso Schaich alonsoschaich at fastmail.fm
Thu May 28 12:49:59 UTC 2015

SVN commit 10704 by aschai:

Merge PORTS revision 386312: MASTER_SITES cleanup.

- Replace ${MASTER_SITE_FOO} with FOO.
- Merge MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR into MASTER_SITES when possible. (This means 99.9%
  of the time.)
- Remove occurrences of MASTER_SITE_LOCAL when no subdirectory was present and
  no hint of what it should be was present.
- Fix some logic.
- And generally, make things more simple and easy to understand.

While there, add magic values to the FESTIVAL, GENTOO, GIMP, GNUPG, QT and
SAMBA macros.

Also, replace some EXTRACT_SUFX occurences with USES=tar:*.

Checked by:	make fetch-urlall-list
With hat:	portmgr
Sponsored by:	Absolight

 M  +1 -2      qt4-assistant-adp/Makefile  
 M  +1 -2      qt4-libqtassistantclient/Makefile  

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