[kde-freebsd] how-to: install plasma5

T.C.Berner tcberner at gmail.com
Tue May 26 19:10:29 UTC 2015


Here's a short instruction on how to build and run the newest
and fanciest kde desktop.

1) Clone the plasma5 branch of area51 to a directory of your chosing
        # svn co http://area51.pcbsd.org/branches/plasma5

2) Run kdemerge -a on it
        # plasma5/Tools/scripts/kdemerge -a /usr/ports

3) Edit /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk using the following command / by hand
        # sed -i .bak_kde\
              -e '/defined(USE_KDE4)/ s#$# || defined(USE_KDE5)#g'\
              -e '/defined(KDE4_BUILDENV)/ s#$# ||
              -e 's#bsd.kde4.mk#bsd.kde.mk#g'\
   [This should wire in the new KDE-bits, i.e. bsd.kde.mk should get sucked
    instead of the old bsd.kde4.mk if either USE_KDE4 or USE_KDE5 is set].

4) Deinstall kde4 (this will give your build greater chances to succeed :) )
        # pkg delete kde\* attica\*
   [This step might be a bit annoying. You may get around it, by updating
    kdelibs4 and attica after you merged the plasma5 ports.
    The problem is that there are header files that share the same name, and
    lead to compile errors, when the wrong one is picked up. In the
    plasma5-branch version of the ports, they do get installed into
    ${LOCALBASE}/include/kde4 instead of ${LOCALBASE}/include which
    fixes that issue. So you may get around by simply issuing
    # portmaster kdelibs attica
    # portmaster -o x11-themes/kde-icons-oxygen x11-themes/kde4-icons-oxygen
    # portmaster <probably something else>
    Though I have never tried whether this works.
    -- I would recommend a fresh start.]

5) Install x11/plasma5-plasma
        # cd /usr/ports/x11/plasma5-plasma && make install clean
   An important note: Make sure, you have both DOCS and NLS enabled. Some
   of the ports will not build if either is not set (sorry -- I added
   them too soon).

If all goes well you should now have plasma5 \o/.
[My very old Lenovo x200 dit it in ~3h just now].

Simply start it using "startkde" in .xinitrc with something like:
        exec startkde > ~/startkde-`date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S"` 2>&1

You should also be able to build (most) of the kde-applications 15.04
Simply run portmaster/make on them as you see fit.

Note: There are most likely some conflicts/breakages I didn't notice here
(i.e. forgot to merge something). So I would be glad if you could send me
the fallouts :) (e.g. kdepim at the moment is broken in plasma5-branch as
there is a conflict between akonadi and kf5-akonadi, which I have to fix).

Feel free to ask, if something is not clear.

mfg Tobias
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