[kde-freebsd] Problems after latest upgrade

Dwayne MacKinnon dmk at ncf.ca
Mon Oct 27 20:06:50 UTC 2014


I've been able to fix the sftp problem. I tracked it down to kio_sftp.cpp, in 
the sftpProtocol::sftpOpenConnection method.

>From the error message, the problem was from this section of code (I wasn't 
able to figure out which one. Probably the first one.)

 int timeout_sec = 30, timeout_usec = 0;
  kDebug(KIO_SFTP_DB) << "Creating the SSH session and setting options";
  // Set timeout
  int rc = ssh_options_set(mSession, SSH_OPTIONS_TIMEOUT, &timeout_sec);
  if (rc < 0) {
    error(KIO::ERR_INTERNAL, i18n("Could not set a timeout."));
    return false;
  rc = ssh_options_set(mSession, SSH_OPTIONS_TIMEOUT_USEC, &timeout_usec);
  if (rc < 0) {
    error(KIO::ERR_INTERNAL, i18n("Could not set a timeout."));
    return false;

So, apparently the problem was in the ssh_options_set call to libssh.so . I 
went looking at the libssh API docs. 

According to the libssh docs, the timeout values are supposed to be of type 
long. As you can see above, the values are type int. 

I looked at the history of the kio_sftp.cpp file on KDE's git repository. The 
code has always been of type int. On top of that, the author of the code is 
one of the creators of libssh. 

So what I'm wondering is this: is there something about how we're compiling 
the code now that is causing this problem? Could this be a clang vs gcc thing?


On October 27, 2014 02:28:53 PM Dwayne MacKinnon wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if anyone here has seen (or can reproduce) the following two
> problems before I go make bug reports:
> 1) juk won't play ogg vorbis files. It will play mp3 just fine, but since
> the upgrade it won't play vorbis.
> 2) I can't use sftp with dolphin. It gives an error message: Internal error.
> Could not set a timeout.
> Thanks,
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