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> Hi folks,
> I notice coreutils is a dependency for kde, specifically kdepim. But I 
> tried to build kdepim removing the coreutils from Makefile and it builds 
> fine. Which are the needs to depend on coreutils? Could coreutils be 
> removed from KDE?
> And what about gcc and bash? Are they necessary too? I have tried to 
> change my default shell to /bin/sh on Debian + KDE and KDE stopped to 
> log in, but here FreeBSD I use /bin/sh as default and KDE works 
> perfectly. So why bash dependency? KDE cannot work with native FreeBSD 
> components, besides FreeBSD has its own "coreutils" and shell?
> Thanks for answer.


KDE doesnot depend on GCC. A component of it, namely kactivitymanagerd
needs C++11 support to build a working binary (it could build but
failed at runtime), and C++11 support was originally only availible
with ports gcc or WITH_CLANG_IS_CC - however the later became the
default in FreeBSD 10, so there's no direct GCC dependency any more.
Packages used by KDE could be depending on it though.

Bash is depended on by KDE components that install bash scripts, i.e.
have bash as a runtime requirement.

Coreutils was commented on by Tobias in his reply.

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