[kde-freebsd] Calligra

Max Brazhnikov makc at freebsd.org
Sat Nov 1 20:10:27 UTC 2014

On Sat, 01 Nov 2014 18:07:25 +0100 Tobias C. Berner wrote:
> Hi 
> Attached is an svn-diff to area51 bringing calligra to 2.8.6. 
> I tested krita, calligrasheets and calligrawords for a few moments, and they 
> seemed to work.

Great! Could you please:
1) carefully check plists. At least %%QT_BINDIR%% and %%GTK3_VERSION%% are
wrongly used here
2) drop all @dir* from plist, they are not needed.
3) don't remove l10n ports: leave older versions, i.e. replace
4) don't reformat calligra-l10n/files/bsd.l10n.mk, it obfuscates real changes.

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