[kde-freebsd] [SVN Commit] area51/KDE

Raphael Kubo da Costa rakuco at FreeBSD.org
Sat Mar 30 23:55:20 UTC 2013

SVN commit 9161 by rakuco:

Do not build KDE unit tests by default.

After talking to avilla I finally understood why the FindKDE4Internal.cmake
was being patched in the first place: the idea is to disable unit tests in
all KDE-based ports.

Do that by passing the KDE4_BUILD_TESTS option to CMake in bsd.kde4.mk
instead of doing that only in kdelibs4.

 M  +2 -1      Mk/bsd.kde4.mk  
 M  +1 -2      x11/kdelibs4/Makefile  

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