[kde-freebsd] Feedback for http://freebsd.kde.org/ports.php

Toni Pisjak admin at dbai.tuwien.ac.at
Fri Mar 1 14:02:40 UTC 2013


i'm installing x11/kde4 right now, and have two suggestions for the 
above mentioned web page (but consider i'm not familiar with freebsd 
anymore at all ;-)

A short (foot-)note for the "portmaster -PP x11/kde4" command (only 
packages), that "at the time being this command still could fail because 
of clearing-up operation after an intrusion to FreeBSD servers in Nov 2012."

Installing with ports asks for zillions of config options (mostly with 
no meaning for the average user, and at least when you start from a 
minimal system, e.g. even without X). Wouldn't it be better to add the 
option "-G" to the respective commands?


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