[kde-freebsd] FreeBSD 8.2 with pre-built KDE 3.5 package from FreeBSD 7.1 DVD

Georg Reilinger georgreilinger at yahoo.de
Fri Jan 18 01:21:11 UTC 2013

Hi everybody,

I know that I am not subscribed to this list, but getting on here seems to be 

a somewhat difficult task and I promise that my email won't be a spam one :)

My issue is the following:

As far as I know, FreeBSD has completely dropped support for KDE 3.5. 

Whether it's the ports, or the pkg_add precompiled binaries. Am I right in 

assuming this?

I am currently running a live version of FreeBSD 8.2 with KDE 4.8. The thing 

here is that KDE 4 is simply too heavy for my system. For example: it is 

impossible for me to have two open shells at the same time. Once I exit a 

given shell, I can't open another one due to a lack of resources, even after having 

turned off all the extra stuff - plasma desktop, nepomuk...

As a consequence, I can see myself do two possible things, to have a system 

running with KDE 3.5 once again:

1. go back to an older release of FreeBSD and install KDE 3.5 from the 

precompiled binaries that are on the DVD donwload version.
Judging by the release announcements, this should be 7.1.


This is something that I don't really feel like doing.

2. To be honest, I am quite happy with 8.2 and I would like to keep it for 
some time to come. In other words, is there a way to keep 8.2 and still 
have KDE 3.5 along with it? For example has anyone ever tried to 
install a 7.1 pre-built package (KDE 3.5 in this case) on an 8.2 system? 
Is that possible?

Any other solutions?

Many thanks
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