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Mon Jan 7 11:07:21 UTC 2013

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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/174728 kde        Let textproc/soprano know about different odbc
p ports/174326 kde        typo in pkg-descr for graphics/libkipi-kde4
p ports/173811 kde        [PATCH] astro/marble optionsng
p ports/173806 kde        [PATCH] accessibility/kdeaccessibility4 optionsng
o ports/173771 kde        CONFLICTS_BUILD for deskutils/superkaramba
o ports/173770 kde        Correct CONFLICTS_BUILD for editors/calligra
o ports/173719 kde        [PATCH] deskutils/kdepim: Fix build with clang
o ports/173688 kde        [PATCH] x11/kdelibs: fix build on recent CURRENT
o ports/173042 kde        www/qt4-webkit needs devel/binutils as dependency
o ports/172359 kde        [PATCH] editors/calligra: Fix build with clang++ -stdl
o ports/171671 kde        devel/qt4-linguist 4.8.2 build failure
o ports/171369 kde        devel/qt4-moc: not compiled kde4
p ports/169809 kde        Enabling the qml-designer in devel/qtcreator
f ports/169671 kde        editors/calligra Spreadsheet throws and exception on e
s ports/169348 kde        Unable to build:  "devel/kdebindings4-ruby-korundum"
p ports/169235 kde        x11/kde4-runtime: kioslave sftp login error with keybo
f ports/168951 kde        error building  devel/kdebindings4-perl-perlqt
f ports/165642 kde        x11/kde4: keeps locking the screen.
f ports/165473 kde        devel/qt4-assistant
o ports/165213 kde        devel/cmake: Reinplacement of paths in Modules is bad
p ports/162261 kde        sysutils/k3b-kde4 - fails to compile with ffmpeg-devel
o ports/156901 kde        [patch] devel/cmake breaks with CC containing spaces
f ports/151154 kde        audio/amarok-kde4 crashes on network activity if ports
f ports/148454 kde        games/freebsd-carddeck-kde4: freebsd's kde card deck d

24 problems total.

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