[kde-freebsd] kde 4.8

Daniel Stolpe stolpe at bombadil.se
Sun May 27 19:16:43 UTC 2012

On Sun, 27 May 2012, Raphael Kubo da Costa wrote:

> Daniel Stolpe <stolpe at bombadil.se> writes:
>> It seems that kde applications lika konqueror and korganizer works but
>> if I try starting i.e. firefox or thunderbird X crashes and I get a
>> huge Xorg.core dump.
>> Anyone who has seen this problem? Any hints?
> It looks like you have an Intel graphics driver with an up-to-date
> graphics/cairo. Please check you have your ports tree is recent enough
> to have the cairo downgrade in it and try again. There's a thread in
> freebsd-ports@ about this.

Oh. Thanks!

I got as far as to see it was not a KDE problem since the same problem 
showed on any window manager system.

I downgraded cairo and now at least it does not crash instantly. It looks 
like tweaking a new xorg.conf is an option though.

Daniel Stolpe           	stolpe at bombadil.se

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