[kde-freebsd] FreeBSD 9.0 amd64 RC1 and KDE4

Alberto Villa avilla at freebsd.org
Wed Oct 26 23:33:40 UTC 2011

On Thursday 27 October 2011 01:09:25 Mehmet Erol Sanliturk wrote:
> The KDE4 in FreeBSD 9.0 RC1 amd64 is generating enormous amount of 
> messages during usage ( not visible on screen , but seen after Ctrl-
> discontinuation of X ) . This is making it extremely slow which may be
> considered to be practically unusable . Actually parts are working
> generally but every step is waiting so much that such a usage is not
> practically applicable .

You didn't say anything about those error messages, though. It might 
come useful. We keep trying to improve the situation thanks to reports 
from our users.

> Therefore , for the KDE4 users in the amd64 platform , there is a big
> problem .
> This was also the case for 8.2 amd64 Release .

Actually, you're the first one to report such a problem. If this "was also 
the case for 8.2" you could have said it earlier. Any chance to get some 
help from you to investigate the issue?
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