[kde-freebsd] [SVN Commit] area51

Alberto Villa avilla at FreeBSD.org
Wed Oct 26 23:28:15 UTC 2011

SVN commit 7775 by avilla:

- kde4-workspace:
  * revert pkg-message to be only about KDM;
  * depend on gstreamer-plugins-core when WITH_PHONON_GSTREAMER is
    set (we want users to have a working desktop);
  * print the warning about GStreamer plugins when
    WITH_PHONON_GSTREAMER is not set (but do not include it into
  * sync with ports (USERS and GROUPS).
- kdemultimedia4:
  * add pkg-message to alert users about GStreamer plugins, since this
    is a multimedia package, supposed to install applications to play
    music and video.
- phonon-gstreamer:
  * add the pkg-message only when WITH_PLUGINS is unset.

...and be more coherent with pkg-messages decoration.

Discussed with:	ale via e-mail

 M  +3 -0      KDE/multimedia/kdemultimedia4/Makefile  
 A             KDE/multimedia/kdemultimedia4/pkg-message   KDE/x11/kde4-workspace/pkg-message#7773
 M  +6 -2      KDE/x11/kde4-workspace/Makefile  
 A             KDE/x11/kde4-workspace/files/pkg-message-phonon_gstreamer   KDE/x11/kde4-workspace/pkg-message#7773
 M  +0 -5      KDE/x11/kde4-workspace/pkg-message  
 M  +4 -2      PORTS/multimedia/phonon-gstreamer/Makefile  
 A             PORTS/multimedia/phonon-gstreamer/files (directory)  
 A             PORTS/multimedia/phonon-gstreamer/files/pkg-message.in   PORTS/multimedia/phonon-gstreamer/pkg-message#7773
 D             PORTS/multimedia/phonon-gstreamer/pkg-message  

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